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How tree and tree roots "work" in the earth and why the trees are dying
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How the Rivers work
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Water, Floods. Fracking. Rivers. Temperature.
Doctor Phage
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"The Eggs-ray" device how to charge the earth with benevolent rays
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Monoculture versus Mother Nature
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Talking Trees Universal Egg
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Seahenge: The upside down tree Circle
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Seahenge the upsidedown tree circle
A book about seahenge and other ancient sites
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Seahenge-book and c.d: 14.99 +pp 2.50 contact: talkingtrees@hotmail.co.uk
Seahenge Book and c.d from Buster Nolan
Interview with Buster

"The Eggs-ray" device how to charge the earth with benevolent rays

The Eggs Ray Device

Fill the alchemical egg with rain or spring water which has touched no iron.
Take Gold and Silver in small lumps, flakes, and filings. Wrap each in a cloth and beat with a hammer against a block of wood.
This excites the electrons in the metals.
Carefully empty the contents into the egg allowing no light to touch the metals.
Set the impellor to turning in alternate directions. (if you do not have an impellor, then use your hand/arm, 30 seconds one way, then 30 seconds the opposite way until you form a spinning vortex)

The whirlpools churn and tumble and mix and up-suck the metals into the memory of the water.

Gold= minus, meeting and fusing with silver=plus.

At each meeting within the whirling water memories, a minus meets a plus and a child or ray form is born which whirls from the egg into and through the surrounding areas.

At +4c liberated Gold and Silver rays charge all living things.

Life enhancing Phages charge, unlike death creating cadavering rays (e.g. X rays).

Just like a light bulb charges or illuminates the area around itself, so the Eggs-ray device charges or illuminates the Auras and cells of us lucky people, sitting in the garden around the Egg.

Small spirals of copper/silver can be hand held and lowered into the spinning water to conduct the charge held in the water up and into our bodies through our iron containing human hands. It’s the iron in our cells that attract/allow the incoming rays.

Like a giant cellular trawlnet we charge on energies that zoom through us, charging as they go.
In the ground the “Universal Alchemical Egg” charges and heals the trees.

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