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Water, Floods. Fracking. Rivers. Temperature.
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Seahenge Book and c.d from Buster Nolan
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poetree page

The Trap

The Trap (Oh clever, clever water)

The river engineers completed the trap
To slow down the tiny stream
Then they let the water go
And their trap was finally seen.
The entrance way was a long dark tunnel
A long round iron pipe
The water entered into the funnel
And disappeared from sight.

Long and straight it went
Into a concrete pit
Straight and square and steep and long
And the water poured into it.
From high above the sun shone down
Light bouncing off the walls
Burning with its fiery light
The water as it falls!

Into the trap the sun shines down
To heat the passing flow
From dark to light the waters come
There’s no where else to go.
One slow dash and then it’s through
Down two more iron tubes
Under the road, once more a stream
It sinuously moves.

Then time goes by in human land
The trap is left forgotten
But water flows eternally
It has not forgotten!
The first thing left by river flood
Was tumbled jumbled stones
Ejected there by earths water blood
It made a river’s bones!

In the trap it could not move
It could not sway or bend
So in the trap it dropped its load
To start repairs and mend.
Then summer came,
The sun shone down
To cook the passing stream
No shelter here, the walls alight
The water slows and steams…

In the water, in the core
The temperature is rising
Fever starts in every pore
The molecules expanding!
Soil is left as summers load
In tiny, tiny grains
And slowly, slowly more is left
By storm and heat and rains!

On top of stone, on top of earth
The gentle heat of spring
“Come bird to drink,
Come bird for worm”
The waters gently sing...
And seeds are dropped
By bird, by wind
By passing merry gurgles.
In balmy shade
A happy river chuckles

The water’s made a spiral!
Into a curve, its self has built,
The trap’s no more a rival!
Through tunnel pipe
It then bends left
To hug the northern wall.
‘Neath shady grass
It shuns the light
On a gently sloping fall.

Beneath shade you have made
You form your very core…Oh clever, clever stream!
Then you bend left, around your own bank
A bank that’s never seen!
Next you bend right,
In that square concrete pit!?
Oh for the cleverness of water!
Done by the power, done by the might
Done with the patience of water…

Past the first pipe
Then left down the next
My our stream is choosing!
Left, right, then left, and off into life!
And right there, the engineers start losing!

Each river knows the way it should go
Just watch, they show you what to do
Just look, just learn
That’s the way that you know
And help them find their way through!


Gilgamesh - A story of the wild man in all of us and the birth of the city state

Every good citizen obeys the state
When everyone’s eating and everything’s great
When things go wrong the state surely falls
We live on a planet that has it’s own rules 

Gilgamesh, a king, in a story so old
Was handsome and beautiful, mighty and bold
Uruk was his capital near old Baghdad
It had a king with a problem, Gilgamesh was bad!

So in love with himself, he made a decree
Every bride in the land spends the first night with me .
The people were resentful, but what could they do
If they objected they were swiftly run through 

Off in the woods a wild man ran free
Protecting the animals and guarding the trees
Enkidu was the warriors name
He knew of no king, weren’t all men the same?

Great was his prowess with things fierce and wild
But in a murky old world Enkidu was a child
No hunter could catch him , but Gilgamesh had a plan
A harlot would tempt him, the downfall of man 

Shalach was the name of the temptress who came
She knew every act of the worlds oldest game
With sex, drugs and drink she tamed the wild beast
Then suited and booted he shared the Kings feast 

Then step by step was unfolded a plot
The King wanted some trees and he needed a lot
His reasons for needing them he kept to himself
He told all his people it would increase their wealth 

The cedars of Lebanon was what he was after
And Enkidu helped him, Oh woe and disaster!
Drink and debauchery had stolen his mind
But he knew the wilderness any way he could still find 

Booze is a killer if your caught in it’s grip
Drugs and beautiful women, it’s easy to slip 
Now we are brothers, two men the same
But after the war, who’ll get the blame?

The war was fought, Lebanon lost
Their beautiful cedar forest..that was the cost 
So old and so mighty were these ancient trees
That covered sweet Lebanon right down to the sea 

Then from the biggest they built a huge gate
Protecting Uruk with it’s size and it’s weight 
The rest of the trees ? The story doesn’t tell
The King had a secret, he’d hidden it well!

The first move he made was to kill of his chum
Bumped off in secret, his time had come 
In public of course, the King played the game
Mourning his chum, praising his name 

"Enkidu! Enkidu! you were the best!
I’ve lost my brother, torn from my breast!"
So said this charmer, this killer of men...
Over and over and over again 

Time passes by, and memories are short
But nature remembers and a lesson is taught 
If you cut down a forest
there’s a price you must pay
Deforestation starts a chain of related events 

That’s natures way...

The trees are the bridge between the earth and the sky
Up through their bodies the essences fly
Water they hold and water they make
A cosmic connector, that no one must break 

If you cut down the chalice that holds the earths blood
First comes the drought, then comes the flood
Gilgamesh the King had known what would come
Now for his plan, let his will be done 

Noah’s the guy in the old bible story
Who saved the world from a flood...
To his name goes the glory 
But long, long before, on the same piece of land
Gilgamesh built an ark
It was what he had planned!

But the old wiley King was only interested in treasure
Although on the waves, he still needed his pleasure 
Birdies and rabbits , all two by two
For the global elite
That’ll never do 

What makes a ship? What makes a sail?
Time to start thinking, we’re still on the trail
Building an ark to take storm, to take sea
To hold safe a King
It must be mighty 

Two thousand oak trees to make every boat
A forest of oak trees kept England’s navy afloat
And fields full of hemp made every sail
A country with both, could never fail 

For Noah? For Gilgamesh? They both build an ark
In a tissue of lies, you can’t tell them apart
One is a carpenter, one is a King
From which of these stories can you hear the truth ring?

A man in his garden or a King from a throne
One with a huge budget , one working alone
One fought a war to steal loads of trees
One prayed in his garden and he prayed on his knees 

When wood is cut it then has to dry
An inch every year, how the time flies
Then to the shipwright to be built in shipyards
It’s done by the hammer, not the singing of bards 

If you build one ark, why not build two
In a Global disaster one might not get through
And if you build two, why not build ten
A King says keep building, again then again!

The global elite, the ancient big brother
You use up the earth, now you’re running for cover
The people, like rats, must swim or go under
In rain and in storm, by lightning and thunder!

The fleet sailed away with a worlds total treasure
Into the storm with a cargo beyond measure
All that was needed to start life again
The entire knowledge of the history of men 

In the worlds fiercest storm the fleet was soon broken
Each ship on it’s own, each it’s own totem
Riding the waves so massively tall
Some reaching the top, some taking the fall 

So there you are, the worlds oldest story
Carved in a stone and it didn’t bore me
It sounds like a time and a place that I know
The global elite are ready
But when will they go?

Written by Buster Nolan ©

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