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D.I.Y to save the planet

Sudden Oak Death
Ash tree diseas

For the past twenty years we have been campaigning about Britain's dying trees. All trees are affected. This is in fact a global problem. The chief pathologist came to our local town in 1996, after many years of lobbying our local M.P. Tony Newton and contacting the Queen. Dr David Rose told us confidentially to keep on with our campaigning because we were in fact correct as to what was happening with the trees BUT he could not reveal it to the public at large as he would probably lose his job and his pension! The forestry commission have been monitoring trees at their establishment since then (in effect watching them die) they have gassed trees, put then in scanners etc. There are some solutions to this crisis but we need to take action now.

The Problems Facing All Trees

The Eternal Forest

In a forest 90% of the falling rain goes into the ground. The other 10% is carried away by springs and streams which never overflow. The super absorption of water is possible because beneath the trees the ground is always cooler than the falling rain. The litter of leaves falling year on year ensure the ground beneath is kept out of the heat and the light of the sun. This allows the trees’ roots access to the ground water table, which rises each night with the moon and falls as the sun rises, and heats the air in the day. This “pump” in the ground is totally controlled by temperature. At plus 4%c, the anomaly point of water is reached. The water molecules are at their most compressed state. Salts and trace elements go up and down to the tree roots on a layer of water protected by the leaf litter and the shade of the eternal forest. 300ft high trees, cooling and shading the air with their spiralling branches, eternally cooled roots keeping this giant sponge working.

 Up in the day and down at night. Each year the forest becomes more and more efficient. The forest designs itself to let in maximum rainfall, every nook and cranny, every tiny stream, covered and shaded to allow the water IN. The mighty bodies of the trees allow the water, charged up in the dark, cold and airless ground, out. When we cut down and remove this eternal, perfect, temperature controlling, ground shading forest and replace it with farmland we create a totally different temperature scenario.


In the farming world we require small roots, small bushes and agriculture crops. Each growing season is begun by ploughing the earth, emptying it of every growing plant, which would of course compete with the crops.

Where there was once a forest, wheat fields grow. Instead of cool and shade each field now stands in the unshielded heat and light of a fierce sun! The surface of the earth is now unprotected, its temperature completely controlled by the sun. The under ground sponge has dried out. The hot surface is warmer than the falling rain. This means that the falling rain cannot gain access into the ground, the pores are shut! Each time it rains the water cannot get into the earth, on every treeless hill, in every treeless field the same problem occurs.

The earth that was cooled forever by trees is now open to the fiery heat and light of the sun. Cows and sheep and pigs are the guardians of any ground unsuitable for crops. These animal lawnmowers ensuring that no re-growth can occur by eating any and every seedling that tries to grow!

As the surface of the earth heats up then every layer beneath is also warmed up, pushing the plus4%c (the anomaly point of water) band lower and lower, eventually the trees roots can no longer access the underground water. With no water being allowed through the compacted surface and no re-supply from below, the trees start to die of drought even if there is torrential rain. On every treeless hill and in every treeless field the ground is as impervious to water as the tarmac and concrete roads running next to it! The rain falls the ground is shut and the water finds its way to the lowest place, gathering size and weight as it grows. With nowhere else to go the rain floods into the rivers knocking down our homes and flooding our towns.


How to help resolve these problems

Our job is quite simple. We must make the surface temperature cooler than the falling rain. If we can regain control of the surface temperature, allowing the water into the earth, then we start to turn this destructive situation around.

Each time it floods the water steams in the sunshine; eventually it all evaporates back into the atmosphere to join the next shower of rain. This of course means twice as much rainfall to come down and do it all over again! Every flood adding in weight and size and causing larger floods. This is the “half hydrological cycle”.

Out of control landscapes, heat generating cities, concrete roads and farming methods in every country on earth. The same agricultural methods that are used in East Anglia are used in Ethiopia, China, America, India, every where! This means that we all face the same problem.  If solutions can be found then we can share the same solutions.

1.Install, using no iron tools, a “Talking trees” alchemical Earth charger (ref; www.talkingtrees.net) device at 1 kilometre intervals, each one being filled with rain water or spring water untouched by iron (iron will steal the metallic qualities in the water and take its charge) add fragments of beaten copper and zinc.

Now we have a below ground energy field ready to use. Using solar powered “earth chargers” to power an “engine” which drives an impeller which creates opposite directional, in-winding river eggs. This is the way nature works. Larger areas can be charged by simply having larger devices.

2.  Cover the desired area with cardboard, old rugs anything that has been made with natural fibres, cover with straw, leaves, wood chippings etc. (permaculture).

Now we have the area covered with a forest floor, covered aboveground, cooled below. The protective cover immediately cools the area allowing the water table trapped in the ground to immediately come to the surface. All is ready, as soon as the ground is cooler than the falling rain it can be absorbed once again in to the “spongy” earth.

Restoring the water to the surface means that roots can once again have access to a viable water system.

3. A new eco-system designed for the present age for the present climate.

 A 21st century re-planting of trees, bushes and crops. The newly re-charged ground will grow what ever we desire.

The bigger the root system of a plant, the bigger the “charge” taken. Each root is an underground receiver, bringing new growth to the zone above, first below then above. First roots and then top growth. We do not just want carrots, we need trees. We need to absorb co2 fast and make oxygen for ourselves to breathe, something that grows quick, has big green leaves and 100,000 uses that will grow in every land. A plant to move the air and absorb the rain. A plant that can be a mother tree to every young sapling planted, shielding it from the wind and rain.



The Cannabis/hemp Tree planting Programme.

A mixed re-planting of a food/timber forest designed with as many crop bearing shrubs and trees as possible. The cannabis/hemp plant is the small tree/shrub we are looking for.

Around each tree seedling must be left a space to grow the cannabis/hemp plant, a circle of plants around each young tree…

The 100,000 use crop planted like a new forest each year and then harvested for its uses. Each year the young tree saplings grow bigger and bigger, eventually it will be a mother tree and the cannabis/hemp plant will have done its “job”.  The new forest may take a thousand years to grow, but the beginning is now.

An ecological disaster is made of millions of mistakes-its cure, millions of actions that are not mistakes. When we help the rain get into the ground the flooding will stop. Planting trees, “earth chargers”, covering and cooling, creating and making the world that we all share.

It’s not too late! It is exactly the right time, the right place. Now is where we live.

It is not the end, it is the beginning…….

An extreme situation demands urgent action.







book and c.d, £14.99

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