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Water, Floods. Fracking. Rivers. Temperature.
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Seahenge Book and c.d from Buster Nolan

lunar essences

A different kind of essence based on cold infusion

Price: 6.50

Apple essence


From paradise this essence came
Avalon that magic name
From Merlin's hand the orchards grew
Straight from him
this gift for you
Flowers picked by full moons light
On chalice hill a magic site
The tor , the night , the pulsing moon
The fruits of love are natures

Avalon the “isle of apples" has been surrounded by magical apple orchards since time immemorial. This essence has been made from the apple blossoms growing on the slopes of the tor in Glastonbury.
Potentised by the cold light of the full moon and
vortexing we bring this essence to you.
Apple is one of the 7 chieftain trees of Britain.

Qualities: Beauty, love, healing, fertility, trust
harmony, abundance, cleansing. Venus. Pink.

Indications: Over anxiousness, obsessions,
Despondency, fatigue, negativity.

Simply add 2-5 drops in water.


Ash Essence

Talking Trees.

I am the Ash, The ancient world tree
I hold male and female, both, Inside me.
Solar and Lunar
In my perfect balance,
In all three words
I brook no challenge.
Mine is the essence to add to your blood,
Unlocking the mind gate…
Let memory flood!!!

I am the Ash, I give my medicine to you.

Abilities: Inner and outer worlds linked,
Quick intellect, Clarity,
connecting the paths of memory,
Balance, To do with the element of water.

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