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Introduction to 'talkingtrees' website
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Big fields, Little fields
How tree and tree roots "work" in the earth and why the trees are dying
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How the Rivers work
Water, Floods. Fracking. Rivers. Temperature.
Water, Floods. Fracking. Rivers. Temperature.
Doctor Phage
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"The Eggs-ray" device how to charge the earth with benevolent rays
eggs, vortexes, emanating rays, energy medicine
Monoculture versus Mother Nature
aggro-culture, bio diversity, trees, forests, tree death and disease
The eco-tec garden
back garden revolution! Recipe for the tree egg
Problems facing the trees
forestry commission report 1996
talkingtrees report 1996
The rejuvenated pear tree from the eco tech garden
information to heal your sick trees
Talking Trees Universal Egg
Water Amphora / Repulsator
"talkingtrees universal egg" demonstration
video of " universal egg " fromThe eco-tech Diary
The Gallery of Universal Eggs
photos. Newspaper reports "The battle of Seahenge"
Seahenge: The upside down tree Circle
An excerpt from Buster Nolans Book
' History ' newspaper articles
some newspaper reports on tree problems
Talking Trees Music
Details of our albums which were inspired by eco technology. Music videos: Seahenge lament. Soldier Boy
poetree page
The Trap (oh clever, clever water!) Gilgamesh ( A story of the wild man and the city state). Wear a golden ribbon (for your p.m.t.!) The Pyramid
lunar essences
talkingtrees lunar essences
election documents
Photos of sick trees
Seahenge the upsidedown tree circle
A book about seahenge and other ancient sites
music videos from Buster Nolan- Anomaly Point
Seahenge-book and c.d: 14.99 +pp 2.50 contact: talkingtrees@hotmail.co.uk
Seahenge Book and c.d from Buster Nolan
Interview with Buster

Doctor Phage

Doctor Phage-The Phage Doctor (recipe)

Pour two litres of reverse osmosis water or rainwater which has touched no iron, into a Universal Alchemical Egg. Add one glass of fresh urine. The urine contains an individual picture of the health of the donor. Urine is filtered blood and contains traces of everything that is going on in the body. All life destroying emanations (bacteria) that are causing illness will be present in the urine. Simply turn on the engine and the two directional impellor immediately creates a whirlpool or vortex which immediately starts to blend or emulsify the urine into the memory of the empty water. Because the R/O water has no memory or content it shares or fills every water molecule with the total memory of the urine. Adding ice (also made from R/O water) the alternating whirlpools soon take the temperature down to +4*C the anomaly point of water. Water has a Bacteria/ Phage’s threshold.  As the temperature goes down the bacteria start to disappear. They cannot live in cold temperatures and are quickly re/absorbed into the memory of the R/O water. Soon the only memory or content the R/O water has is from the filtered blood or urine.  As the temperature of the water drops, Phage’s (Life enhancing energies) start streaming into the water. At +4*C atomic transformations take place. The different metals and trace elements within the spinning urine-water start a plus/minus of oppositely charged elements which produce Phage’s to match exactly the information held in the memory of the water. A complete infusion of life enhancing energies, or Phage’s, coded to be exactly the opposite of any former bacteria. When drunk the Phage/water will eliminate any bacteria held in the host body because it has had a complete read out from the memories in the urine. The water can only produce from its memory the phage’s which are the opposite of the illnesses/bacteria within the blood of the donor of the urine.

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