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Written in 1996

The hemp page gives an interesting and varied selection of hemp information and how hemp can help turn around the immediate environmental crisis.

First it is necessary to forget all you have previously heard about cannabis for reasons that will become apparent.

A tree is a big pump, it pumps water from below the ground through itself into the air for us (one third of all the rain that falls in a forest is sent straight up into the air by trees).
Through the leaves trees contribute greatly to the oxygen cover of our planet, and also take the carbon dioxide from the air to make their growth. As each tree dies it can of course no longer do these vital jobs. When you get large numbers of trees dying, our problems become yearly more serious. So what we need urgently when our big pumps are dying, is a plant to come to our aid. The only one we can come up with is the cannabis/hemp plant. We call this our little pump, little pumps have little roots. The cannabis/hemp plant is in the ground for only twenty weeks (not twenty years or a hundred years or a thousand years like some trees). It can grow to a height of twenty five feet and a width of fifteen feet in this time, and yet have a root that is only seven feet long. Because of it's short growth cycle from seed to mature plant in twenty weeks, it has no chance to accumulate poisons. It is the largest bio mass plant on the planet for such a short period of growth time. So what we are basically saying is that in twenty weeks we can grow a cannabis/hemp forest twenty feet tall. This of course would recycle the rainfall like an ordinary forest, fix carbon dioxide like an ordinary forest, provide oxygen like an ordinary forest, and all from such a tiny root system. After twenty weeks we cut this forest down and from it we can obtain the following benefits:
1. One acre of hemp produces as much woody growth as one acre of twenty year old trees.
2. Paper made from the hurds (hemp) requires no bleaching.
3. Cloth and fabric can be made from the fibre.
4. Three ton of hemp seed produces one ton of oil. This oil is better than Saudi Arabian oil and can do all the same jobs as conventional oil.
5. No chemicals are needed to grow it. In the old days it was called the plant with ten thousand uses, with modern technology this number could undoubtedly be increased, but to continue our list would turn it into a book which has already been written called "THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES" by Jack Herer (vital reading).
However cannabis/hemp must be viewed as an elastoplast on our planet. OUR TREES MUST BE SAVED AT ALL COSTS!
One plant can never take the place or do the job currently being done by the trees. Thousands of species each one vital.
All this information has been communicated to every member of parliament, only five of whom replied.
The situation is serious, every person must empower themselves to become aware of the facts and take actions they personally feel necessary to combat the situation. You are the future, you are important and you can do something. So get up and get out there and do something. If not you. Who? If not now, when?
Hemp Head.

I am a very special plant
I can give you all you need
And to all who say I can't
Just listen to this weed.

My skin can make the clothes you wear
My bones will make your fire,
My seeds ensure all beings feed
My buds make dreams fly higher.

My medicine is to heal the sick
And help them with their pain,
I make air that is fit to breathe
I can even make it rain.

The very poisons in the soil and air
I absorb into my chest,
I then perfume the very air
With the essences I'm blessed.

Come on human warriors, it's getting pretty bad
Hemphead sits here ready and he's feeling very sad
Let's get on with planting seeds and looking after trees
Doing stuff that makes us glad,
Get up off your knees.

This is an interesting extract from the book. -
A History of Braintree and Bocking.
By W.F.Quinn
A dairy entry by Joseph Savill.
Sept 17 Bot Matthews farm and Jacobs Well, Late Thomas Beckwiths. For 1120 pounds. By auction at the White Hart, Take possession immediately.
June 11 Miss Ann Beckwith of Dorewards Hall Farm was married to Mr. Jas Hobbs who took the farm.
Feb 5 Commenced the manufacture of "hemp" with Josias Nottidge for the employment of the poor.
Dec 7 Made a tour into the north with Jos Nottidge jr to gain what information we could in the mode of their manufacturing by machinery and to produce some for ourselves which we did.
Feb 20 Set my rowing mill to work. Coniah Wood came up from Newark to set to work my machinery to spin warp and yarn.
June 2 John Gubb jr came from Leeds to put up my Carding and spinning machines.
June 6 ? Bumpstead came from Norwich to spin and attend my machinery.
June 18 Set my machines to work.
August This year the Bishop of St.Davids Lord George Murray now Dean of Bocking took the Tythes of this parish in kind which afterwards brot a heavy expense on the parish for measuring, valuation etc.
Aug 27 Bocking and Braintree volunteer corps of infantry accepted by government.
Sept 21 Bot Bulford Mill of Thos Nottidge Esq.

An extract page(contents) from the book:

1910 (City and Guilds exam book)


Chapter I - Origin of Flax, Hemp and Jute fibres - cultivation and harvesting
of the plants - extraction of the fibre.Chapter II - Raw fibre markets.
Chapter III - Piecing out, roughing and hand dressing.
Chapter IV - Machine hackling.
Chapter V - Sorting.
Chapter VI - Slivering or spreading.
Chapter VII - Carding.
Chapter VIII - Drawing and doubling
Chapter IX - Tow combing.
Chapter X - Gill spinning.
Chapter XI - The roving frame.
Chapter XII - Cold water - demi-sec, dry, and wet spinning.
Chapter XIII - The yarn department- Reeling, copping, cheesing &c.
Chapter XIV - Hand drying, conditioning, and bundling.

This very interesting book has been reproduced at a time when the hemp plant is more needed than ever before, the hemp plant can provide a local economy crop and equality for all that grow it.
An extract from part II page 29
Hemp is one of those plants, which nature has not only made necessary, but also common, and suited to every sort of soil, as well as to every climate. It is true, that countries which are extremely hot, are not favourable to it ; but as this plant is but a short time in the ground, if a country is at all habitable by men, we are of opinion they may also cultivate hemp. Rainy seasons are proper enough for sowing it, and when is once in condition to cover the ground, the dews alone, which are plentiful in these countries, will be sufficient to bring it to maturity. It will not, to be sure, grow so high as in temperate or colder climates, but it may be, perhaps, on that very account, the more fit for use.
We find, by experience, that in temperate climates, France for instance, the hemp cultivated in the southern provinces has better qualities than that which grows in the northern, where the ground is fat and not so warm.
In the north of America and Europe, Hemp thrives exceeding well: that commodity is exported from thence into England, Holland and even France, to the shame and detriment of those that cultivate it with us. Could no means be fallen upon to encourage them, and increase their number?
This fascinating piece of work has been printed on John Hansons' eco medicinal paper.(tree free!)
Copies available from JH/Cht.(publishers), at the Malthouse, Lyme Regis, Dorset.
Price - 9.00 plus 1.00 post and packaging U.K or Europe or 3.00 post and packaging, rest of the world.(U.K cheque or sterling money order only).

No T.H.C.
Febranol 57 was the name of the seed
The government gave us when we planted the weed.
Specially designed to conform to the law
A patented seed only business can score.

The seedings that grew looked exactly the same
A field of hope, from all corners they came.
Chrystalised bud on plants fourteen feet tall
Five acres to harvest, come one and come all.

Just one problem

No T.H.C.

The magic ingredient that sets us all free
A field of hemp, touching the sky
Smoke the whole lot, you'll never get high.

Slowly we realised the government plan
A genetic copy invented by man.
The profits from hemp under global control
Conspirators grin and count their bankroll.

Local economy, that's just a joke
They don't give a damn if our children all choke.

Talking Trees have been in correspondence with MP’s,Politicians,
Prince Charles and the Queen,The forestry Commision, Tree Counciland many others.

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