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Talking Trees Universal Egg

complete range of universal eggs

Talking Trees proudly presents the Universal Egg! Specially designed and constructed according to principals laid down by the father of eco technology, Viktor Schauberger. The first true, living, breathing water vessel, called by Viktor the holy grail or chalice, venerated by the ancients. The material and shape of the universal egg means it can be used for above and below ground uses. It can heal and enoble tap water, maintain the freshness of spring water, re-energise and cool sick land, rejuvenate and enliven sick or dying trees. The many uses are as varied as the imaginations of the users.

A small terracotta egg. 25 Litre volume approx. Suitable for above ground use, such as water storage, enoblement etc.

The medium sized terracotta egg, 60 litre volume approx. Suitable for above ground use.
Price: 135

The largest terracotta egg, 130 litre volume approx. Suitable for above ground use.
Price: 230

Small stoneware egg. 25litre volume approx.Suitable for above and below ground applications. Frost resistant in northern hemisphere areas.
Price: 75

Medium sized stoneware egg. 60 litre volume approx. Also suitable for above and below ground use. Perfect for large gardens and potentially enhancing areas of land up to 500 metres in circumference.
Price: 160

The largest stoneware egg. 130 litre volume approx. Suitable for above and below ground uses. This egg can invigorate up to an area of 1km.
Price: 255

Until now everybody has had to protest about the global warming problem.
But now...Everybody can do something about it. The universal egg allows everybody to improve the quality of the water they drink. It enables everyone to re-energise their garden, field or forest. It enables all in hot countries to cool the sub soil temperatures, allowing seeds to germinate and flower even in the desert. It allows each individual to produce phages of any type to help stop the spread of disease.
(see eco-tec garden)

With the "talkingtrees universal eggs" you will also receive a small amount of copper and zinc which you add to the water in your egg.
Also includes information on how to install your repulsator.

Istallation service available.

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